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1 Mistake Every NFL Team Must Avoid Making in the 2020 NFL Draft


Fans and media members alike love to assign the label "winner " or "loser" to each team immediately after the NFL draft. It's entertaining, it creates talking points, and, in the short-term, it's a way to gauge which teams hit proverbial home runs on draft weekend.

Over the long haul, however, a franchise's draft success is often defined more by the mistakes it avoided than big-time successes. There's nothing wrong with netting a handful of solid starters through the draft. There's a lot wrong with swinging for the fences and ending up with JaMarcus Russell or Johnny Manziel.

Whether it's selecting the wrong position or the wrong player, accepting a bad trade or passing on a good one, some teams are going to make mistakes in the 2020 draft. Here, we'll examine the biggest one each team needs to avoid in April.

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